About Us


All my life I was overweight. I tried all the diets that exist, I visited many doctors, I took all the pills that are on the market, and I did not manage to lose weight permanently. Certainly, sometimes I lost weight, but then I experienced the rebound effect that you all know, so I was not disappointed. It was also impressive how all those pills changed my mood, desire, character, and I felt strange sensations in my body that were difficult to bear. Anyway, everything was terrible.


It was then when I decided, in August 2018, to hire a team of professionals and expert developers of formulas for pills related to burning fat, losing weight, controlling cellulite, eliminating excess body fluid, among others.

We had two premises which should prevail in all the development of my products. The first, that the formula that we developed, had to have all the faculties and qualities, to guarantee the effective and trauma-free transition of that weight loss that we all want, in such a way, to achieve a nice experience in the entire process of change. And the second, and not least, we should use “natural products”, in order to ensure that it never causes disorders in our body.


We began, therefore, to create endless formulas, which would finally give way to the birth of TRIPLE + FAT BURNER, TRIPLE + CELLU LOSE, TRIPLE + DETOX, TRIPLE + KETO, AND TRIPLE + DIURET.

Of course, the first to experience these successful formulas was me. I tell them that then I began to take them with great discipline and from the hand of a nutritionist, and after 10 months I managed to lose the incredible amount of 50 kilos in addition to a significant index of body fat. Throughout the process, I kept an excellent spirit, an excellent genius, a lot of energy, and I was not anxious. I went from size 40 to size 30 of pants. Best of all, I managed to change my lifestyle, I improved my health in every way. Now I can have a healthy diet without any problems and without such an unwanted rebound effect.

Roberto F Colatosti

CEO & OWNER Worldwide