L-Carnitine, the energy generator for your routine

L-Carnitine, the energy generator for your routine

It's not magic, it's science. The L-Carnitine supplement is best known for turning unwanted fat into energy. But, that is not it's only benefit.

What does it do? How does it work? How should I take it?


Fat transporter, power generator

L-Carnitine works wonders in the body, it transports long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, so they can be burned during exercise.

The TRIPLE+ L-Carnitine supplement provides other ideal benefits such as appetite control, rapid recovery, supports healthy metabolism, and reduces fatigue.

You can also refresh yourself with its delicious pineapple flavor that will take you to the tropics.

The health benefits of the TRIPLE+ L-Carnitine supplement are for men and women.

It is effective for various health problems, including male infertility! According to studies, it helps reduce chest pain, heart failure, kidney disease, acne, and MANY others.

So taking it will improve your quality of life in many ways, the super active life awaits you, but when is it too much?

The rules behind the drops

Everything is amazing, health, energy, and the happiness that comes after experiencing the results! Of course, everything comes with some very important rules to follow, remember that there is a limit and that nothing in excess is good.

When is it recommended to take L-carnitine?

  • In liquid form in the morning and before workouts. 
  • 4 g of TRIPLE+ L-Carnitine per day, divided into two or three doses evenly, it is not recommended to take more than this dose.

Ingredients in the best supplement.

Most L-Carnitine supplements are packed with ingredients that are not as healthy, however, our TRIPLE+ supplement gives you the best benefit: 

  • Caffeine FREE
  • 0 Sugar 
  • 0 Carbohydrates 
  • And comes in a 3000MG L-Carnitine presentation, something better?

The L-Carnitine supplement is surely one of the best ways to lose weight and gain energy, the Triple + brand knows how to create supplements that will make you feel like the superhuman that lives inside you.

The best L-Carnitine supplement for your body and the best feeling you will ever have, so don't wait any longer and join life in shape with TRIPLE+

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