Ingredients of fat burner

Know the ingredients of our fat burner supplements

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What is in our fat burner supplements that make them so effective? This question is more common than you think. People who want to improve their figure and healthily lose weight always make this question.

Fat burners, more than anything else, are nutritional supplements of excellent quality. They help to accelerate metabolism, eliminate accumulated fat, and provides your body with energy for physical activities.

But, how does this happen? What is in a fat burner that gives you so many benefits? We are going to explain that.

Are fat burner supplements healthy?

Fat burner supplements support to lose weight healthily and efficiently. Its use dramatically improves weight loss. Also, they are helpful when following a balanced diet.

Now, their main benefit is that they help in a healthy way. This is because every supplement is made with natural ingredients.

Depending on what your goal is, fat burner supplements’ ingredients can vary. Also, there are supplements for men and women, because all bodies are different.

To make a fat burner more effective and support its ingredients to do the job, it is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle, i.e. exercise routine and a proper diet.

The ingredients in our fat burners

Among the ingredients of our fat burner supplements, four of natural origin stand out. They are the base of all their nutritional supplements. Its benefits act just after being ingested.


Known as Garcinia Cambogia, is a fruit that grows in the south of India, and it’s used in many nutritional supplements to lose weight.

The key component in Garcinia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is in the fruit’s zest. This component has a unique effect on the organism.

In the first place, HCA helps to eliminate fat production from food. It is also capable of reducing appetite and removing belly fat.

Green Tea

Is one of the most common ingredients in fat burner supplements, the reason? Green tea has thermogenic properties that increase the oxidation of fat in the body.

On its own, green tea helps to accelerate metabolism. It also works in its beverage form to improve your health: green tea improves the lipid profile, cholesterol, and controls the level of insulin in the blood.

One of its main benefits is that is a natural antioxidant, in other words, helps to prevent premature aging.

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Green tea helps to accelerate metabolism


Like Garcinia, Caralluma is a plant that can be found in India. And, like that one, it also reduces your appetite.

However, Caralluma is a plant that also serves to provide energy to the body. It allows you to take better advantage of the nutrients in food, and it also fights fatigue.

It is ideal to accompany exercise routines and eat a low-fat, high-protein diet.


The last of the ingredients of our fat burner supplements is an amino acid that works on a cellular level to eliminate fat.

Its basic function is to transport fatty acids into the cells, there they are processed in the mitochondria and converted into energy.

L-Carnitine is a universal and natural fat reducer. It can be found naturally in our bodies and certain foods, like meat.

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