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At home: Best belly fat loss exercises

fat loss exercises at home

The best belly fat loss exercises can be made at home. There are many great exercises that can help you to achieve the figure that you want. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go to the gym: there are no excuses when it comes to being healthy.

A good workout routine is a key to eliminating accumulated fat. Same with diets, a workout routine is necessary to improve the effectiveness of fat burners

It’s true that many people avoid exercise because of the lack of time to go to the gym. But the truth is that the best belly fat loss exercises can help you to get rid of the extra calories without going outside your house.

We’ll show you some easy and beneficial exercises that you can add to your routine.

The best belly fat loss exercises

Getting rid of belly fat is difficult, so we decided to show you some easy but effective exercises. Many of them are based on professional recommendations.

Let ‘s see.


Abs are one of the most known best belly fat loss exercises. This is because there are different ways to do abs, which also allows you to make your own routine. 

It’s advisable to practice a bit of each one. That means, doing abs for the upper, middle, and lower part, and even the obliques.

One tip that can help you with your abs, if you already have resistance, is adding weight to increase exigency.

Squats with Kettlebells

By itself, squats are great for toning legs, buttocks, and the back. They can even improve your abs when made in a sumo position. Adding Kettlebells upgrades the results.

Kettlebells or Russian dumbbells are ideal to exercise at home. In fact, any person can learn many workouts without problems.

Try to combine squats with kettlebells at home. While the legs are flexed, you have to balance the kettlebells, that way you can feel the exercise intensely. This is known as the kettlebell swing.


Burpee is an exercise that combines squats and jumping. Is great for adding cardio to your routine and it’s easy to practice.

The best of burpees it’s that you can work many muscles at the same time, including abs. This workout is highly recommended to get rid of belly fat. And like other exercises, you can do it at home easily.

Exercise at home works great even to get rid of stress and anxiety that can appear because of excess work

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing is one of the best belly fat loss exercises and it’s easy to practice at home. It consists of getting into a plank position, supporting your body weight in the arms while moving your legs.

In this case the weight relapses over the open hands. The legs have to move like you were climbing a mountain. This exercise consists in maintaining a constant rhythm. 

It looks simple, but it’s also effective to eliminate accumulated belly fat. The key is to maintain the body stable avoiding to rise or down too much the lower and upper body.

To make it easier, this workout can be made in 1-minute intervals with 1 minute of rest in between.

Why you should workout at home

If you take fat burners: remember that you shouldn’t give up on exercise if you want to maintain a certain weight. Your weekly workout routine is the key to make dietary supplements effective.

Take advantage of the energy to work your body and enjoy the feeling that a good exercise routine leaves behind.

Exercise at home works great even to get rid of stress and anxiety that can appear because of excess work. That’s why, if you can’t go to the gym, or can’t go out to run, you can try the best belly fat loss exercises.

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